Why Consider a Community Oven

If you are looking for a unique way to invite people and families to an event with the objective of developing a stronger sense community a Wood Fired Brick oven can provide a unique way to do so. The types of events that can be hosted by your organization can all engage the help of those attending by getting them involved in making and baking pizza’s or bread.

If you are Church considering an oven we have found that this becomes a new ministry that can involve the membership of your church in new fun activities. For a non-secular organization like a neighborhood, Lions Club, small town city park organization etc the same holds true. The Community Oven becomes will require it’s own organization that will require a group of volunteers to manage it. Subgroups for this organization would require leadership of the following activities

  • Fund raising to build the oven
  • Leadership for:
    • Building team
    • Event and planning team
    • Wood gathering and management team
    • Fire management team
  • Advertising and promotion person or team
  • Teaching leader
    • Bread baking classes
    • Support to education groups like school classes, scouts etc

Probably one of the most significant opportunities that events centered around a Community Oven can provide is a comfortable way for people considering joining or becoming more involved with your organization to come and get to know you. It can be an uncomfortable situation for a person or family to walk into a strange church on a Sunday morning or to a meeting being held by an organization that they are considering joining. Also for someone that is new to a neighborhood/community what avenues are available to them to get to know and be known in this new community. After attending an event and meeting new people in this fun atmosphere walking into the church or organizational meeting for the first time is not an uncomfortable situation since there will be greeted by some familiar faces.