Community Wood Fired Oven Events

The Community Oven events that have been held at the existing ovens here in Minnesota are listed below.

  • Community events
    • Community bake day. This is an event where the community is invited to bring their own bread dough and bake their bread in the oven. These events are advertised through local newsletters, newspapers, bread clubs and word of mouth.
    • Bread Baking classes. Using local bakers to conduct classes teaching people the basics of bread baking
    • Pizza events. These events vary below are a few examples
      • Family pizza nights – offer special order pizza, people bring their own beverage and salad. The place an order for their pizzas, picnic tables can be provided and in some cases local musical groups provide entertainment.

A free will donation or fixed pizza price have both been used to cover costs.

  • Special entertainment followed by pizza. One community oven has held a puppet show for the kids and then followed the show with free pizza. This was a great neighborhood draw.
  • Free pizza events. These have been held in tandem with other events in the area. Free slices were handed out and advertising was displayed about upcoming oven events
  • Specific Organization Events
    • For churches the oven is a great way for the youth to have a fund raiser by hosting a pizza even
    • Baking bread to sell as a fund raiser to support local charities. One church does this and calls the event “Baking with a Purpose”
    • Host retreats for local organizations where they conduct their normal business throughout the day and bake bread and make pizza for lunch. A great team building event
    • Bring in a school class and have them make and bake bread