Building Resource Center

There are number of oven styles and types that can be considered. There are also a number of resources available for a moderately skilled person or group to use when they build an oven. What does not exist is a very detailed “instruction book” on how to build an oven large enough for community events

If and when you search the internet for wood fired ovens you will discover multiple options available for commercially available cooking chambers kits around which you would need to construct the supporting structure and upper exterior. Although these commercially available ovens are most likely a viable alternative to consider for your oven our experience has focused on ovens that are built from the ground up incorporating a fire brick lined cooking chamber encased with thick large concrete cladding and then insulated to maximize heat retention for extended baking times.

This building center section has been established to provide resources to help your organization build an oven that will withstand heavy use and also allow you to create your own custom exterior look. The ovens that we have been involved with have used designs by Alan Scott from Oven Crafters and Rado Hand from Traditional oven. Both of these gentlemen have captured details on the style of ovens they built and have made this information available for people and organizations interested in building ovens.

Alan Scott has passed away and his daughter Lila Scott now manages their website. At the time of this writing their website is under construction. Here is a link to their website:

Alan Scott also published a book that is a good reference. Here is a link to a location where you can purchase it.

The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens, by Alan Scott

Rado Hand is an oven builder in Australia and has developed a wonderful website that provides support for do it yourself people wanting to build an oven in their backyards. The majority of the community ovens that we have been involved with use the basic Rado Hand design. In most cases we have made some changes to them including larger cooking chambers and extended roofs and side tables. Here is a link to Rado Hands site:

Wood Burning Pizza Oven Plans

To help organizations build an oven we have prepared information accumulated during the construction of many of the ovens shared on this site. The support material focuses on building the 3G MTO oven design created by Rado Hand, modified to include an extended roof and side table. The support material that we have developed includes:

  • Reference drawings with some details to help build this style oven
  • Detailed material list
  • Step by step instructions to be used as a companion to reference photos available from this site along from Rado Hand’s site for the 3G MTO. Also included are tools that are required for each step.
  • The type of oven that can be built using the support material provided will be as shown below. This oven has a cooking chamber size of 34” x 40”